Indian Why Stories: Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire cover

#1 - 00 - Dedication, Preface, Introduction, Contents

Indian Why Stories: Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire

Download 00 - Dedication, Preface, Introduction, Contents audio
Download 01 - Why the chipmunk's back is striped audio
Download 02 - How the ducks got their fine feathers audio
Download 03 - Why the kingfisher always wears a war-bonnet audio
Download 04 - Why the curlew's bill is long and crooked audio
Download 05 - Old-man remarks the world audio
Download 06 - Why Blackfeet never kill mice audio
Download 07 - How the otter skin became great medicine audio
Download 08 - Old-man steals the sun's leggings audio
Download 09 - Old-man and his conscience audio
Download 10 - Old-man's treachery audio
Download 11 - Why the night-hawk's wings are beautiful audio
Download 12 - Why the mountain-lion is long and lean audio
Download 13 - The fire-leggings audio
Download 14 - The moon and the great snake audio
Download 15 - Why the deer has no gall audio
Download 16 - Why indians whip the buffalo-berries from the bushes audio
Download 17 - Old-man and the fox audio
Download 18 - Why the birch-tree wears the slashes in its bark audio
Download 19 - Mistakes of old-man audio
Download 20 - How the man found his mate audio
Download 22 - Retrospection audio

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Delightful fables, collected by a devotee of Indian lore, recounts many of the legends told to him by tribal members, among them intriguing explanations of "Why the Chipmunk's Back is Striped," "How the Otter Skin Became Great Medicine," "How the Man Found His Mate," and "Why Blackfeet Never Kill Mice."

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