Audiobook: 今戸心中 (Imado Shinjyuu)

今戸心中 (Imado Shinjyuu) cover

今戸心中 (Imado Shinjyuu)

1 - Ichi


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Yoshizato is a high-class prostitute, who lives in a Yoshiwara, where prostitution is legal. Hirata, one of her customers, leaves her and returns to his home town Okayama. She becomes very sad about this and thus treats another customer, Zenkichi, very coldly. But when she learns that Zenkichi lost his fortune because of her, she starts to treat him more warmly. But together, they don't have money and at last they commit suicide together.

You are listening 今戸心中 (Imado Shinjyuu) by Ryūrō Hirotsu.
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