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#1 - 01 Dedication and Chapter 1, The Party On Special No. 218

The Great K and A Train Robbery

Download 01 Dedication and Chapter 1, The Party On Special No. 218 audio
Download 02 Chapter 02, The Holding Up Of Overland No. 3 audio
Download 03 Chapter 03, A Night's Work On The Alkali Plains audio
Download 04 Chapter 04, Some Rather Queer Road Agents audio
Download 05 Chapter 05, A Trip To The Grand Canyon audio
Download 06 Chapter 06, The Happenings Down Hance's Trail audio
Download 07 Chapter 07, A Change Of Base audio
Download 08 Chapter 08, How Did The Secret Leak Out? audio
Download 09 Chapter 09, A Talk Before Breakfast audio
Download 10 Chapter 10, Waiting For Help audio
Download 11 Chapter 11, The Letters Change Hands Again audio
Download 12 Chapter 12, An Evening In Jail audio
Download 13 Chapter 13, A Lesson In Politeness audio
Download 14 Chapter 14, Listeners Never Hear Anything Good audio
Download 15 Chapter 15, The Surrender Of The Letters audio
Download 16 Chapter 16, A Gloomy Good-by audio
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In this short novel the narrator is a superintendent on the K. & A. railroad, sometime in the late nineteenth century. The train is robbed somewhere in the Arizona desert. Various adventures involve this young superintendent. Romance is provided by a comely passenger.

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