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#1 - 01 - A Song of Golden Summer

Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer

Download 01 - A Song of Golden Summer audio
Download 02 - House Behind the World audio
Download 03 - For Auld Lang Syne audio
Download 05 - Flying in the Face of Superstition audio
Download 07 - The Veiled Prophetess of Destiny audio
Download 08 - Unveiling the Prophetess audio
Download 09 - The Meaning of Semper Fidelis audio
Download 10 - The Shadow Deepens audio
Download 11 - Postponing Happiness audio
Download 12 - The Better Part audio
Download 13 - The Innocent Meddler audio
Download 14 - The Beginning of the End audio
Download 15 - Merely a Looker-On audio
Download 16 - J. Elfreda's Master Stroke audio
Download 18 - A Gleam of Hope audio
Download 20 - The Last Chance audio
Download 21 - The Call of the Elf's Horn audio
Download 22 - Out of the Valley audio
Download 23 - The Strange Story audio
Download 24 - The Noon of Golden Summer audio

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The College Girls Series sees the friends part ways: Grace, Anne, and Miriam depart for Overton College, while Jessica and Nora attend a conservatory. The Eight Originals gather on holidays, but the seven College books focus on the three at Overton, along with new friends like J. Elfreda Briggs. They form Semper Fidelis, a society devoted to aiding less fortunate students at Overton. Following graduation, Grace rebuffs offers of marriage for "what she had firmly believed to be her destined work," managing Harlowe House at Overton.

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