Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College cover

#1 - 01 - Off to College

Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College

Download 02 - J. Elfreda Introduces Herself audio
Download 03 - First Impressions audio
Download 04 - Miriam's Unwelcome Surprise audio
Download 05 - An Interrupted Study Hour audio
Download 06 - A Disturbing Note audio
Download 07 - Grace Takes Matters into Her Own Hands audio
Download 08 - The Sophomore Reception audio
Download 09 - Disagreeable News audio
Download 10 - The Making of the Team audio
Download 11 - Anne Wins a Victory audio
Download 12 - Ups and Downs audio
Download 13 - Grace Turns Electioneer audio
Download 14 - An Invitation and a Misunderstanding audio
Download 15 - Greeting Old Friends audio
Download 16 - Thanksgiving With the Southards audio
Download 17 - Christmas Plans audio
Download 18 - Basketball Rumors audio
Download 19 - A Game Worth Seeing audio
Download 20 - Grace Overhears Something Interesting audio
Download 21 - An Unheeded Warning audio
Download 22 - Turning the Tables audio
Download 23 - Virginia Changes Her Mind audio
Download 24 - Goodbye to Their Freshman Year audio
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Set after the Grace Harlowe High School series, Grace and her friends Miriam and Anne start a new chapter of their lives as Freshmen at Overton College. After various trials and tribulations they earn the respect of the elder classes and become valued members of the school. (Introduction by BumbleVee)

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