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#1 - 01 - The Golden Butterfly

The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship

Download 01 - The Golden Butterfly audio
Download 02 - Suspense and Achievement audio
Download 03 - The Clouds Gather audio
Download 06 - A Roadside Mystery audio
Download 07 - Peggy is Puzzled audio
Download 09 - A Race Against Time audio
Download 10 - The Rival Aeroplane audio
Download 11 - In Direst Peril audio
Download 12 - What Happened on the Island audio
Download 13 - Jukes Dade Appears audio
Download 14 - A Girl Aviator's Adventure audio
Download 15 - The Hermit of the Woods audio
Download 16 - The Enemy's Move audio
Download 17 - A Coward and His Ways audio
Download 18 - The Daring of Peggy audio
Download 19 - Brother and Sister audio
Download 20 - In the Nick of Time audio
Download 21 - The Phantom Airship audio
Download 22 - Jim Bell of the West audio
Download 23 - Like Thieves in the Night audio
Download 24 - Hester Makes Amends -- Conclusion audio
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Teenagers Peggy Prescott and her brother Roy share a love of aviation that they inherited from their late father. Mr. Prescott had always dreamed of building an aeroplane that would be free of the defects of planes already invented. Peggy and Roy manage to build a plane starting with the framework their father had begun. Peggy christens it ‘The Golden Buttefly’ and she and Roy are determined to enter it in a young aviator’s contest for a prize of $5000. The Prescotts need the money desperately to save the home they share with their aunt which is about to be taken from them by the rather nasty banker, Mr. Harding. Peggy and Roy along with their best friends, Jess and Jimsy Bancroft – also sister and brother, experience many adventures – many of them while flying the Golden Butterfly. A kidnapping, missing jewels and contact with some desperate characters are just some of what the Prescotts encounter in their Long Island village of Sandy Bay. There’s never a dull moment for these two as they pursue their dream of flying.

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