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#1 - 00 – Introduction


Download 02 – In the Wool-Shed audio
Download 05 – The River and the Range audio
Download 07 – First Impressions audio
Download 09 – To The Metropolis audio
Download 10 – Current Opinions audio
Download 11 – Some Erewhonian Trials audio
Download 12 – Malcontents audio
Download 13 – The View of the Erewhonians Concerning Death audio
Download 15 – The Musical Banks audio
Download 17 – Ydgrun and the Ydgrunites audio
Download 18 – Birth Formulae audio
Download 19 -The World of the Unborn audio
Download 20 – What they mean by it audio
Download 21 – The Colleges of Unreason audio
Download 22 – The Colleges of Unreason Continued audio
Download 23 – The Book of the Machines audio
Download 24 – The Machines – continued audio
Download 25 – The Machines – concluded audio
Download 26 – The Views of an Erewhonian Prophet Concerning the Rights of Animals audio
Download 27 – The Views of an Erewhonian Philosopher Concerning the Rights of Vegetables audio

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Erewhon, or Over the Range is a novel by Samuel Butler, published anonymously in 1872. The title is also the name of a country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. In the novel, it is not revealed in which part of the world Erewhon is, but it is clear that it is a fictional country. Butler meant the title to be read as the word Nowhere backwards, even though the letters “h” and “w” are transposed. It is likely that he did this to protect himself from accusations of being unpatriotic, although Erewhon is obviously a satire of Victorian society.

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