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England, Canada and the Great War

Download 01 - Introduction and Chapter I. Who are the Guilty Parties? audio
Download 02 - Chapter II. The Persistent Efforts of England in Favour of Peace audio
Download 03 - Chapter III. The Call to Duty in Canada audio
Download 04 - Chapter IV. Recruiting by Voluntary Service audio
Download 05 - Chapter V. Intervention of Nationalism audio
Download 06 - Chapter VI. What Do We Owe England? audio
Download 07 - Chapter VII. Canada is not a Sovereign State audio
Download 08 - Chapter VIII. German Illusions audio
Download 09 - Chapter IX. The Nationalist Error audio
Download 10 - Chapter X. Had Canada the Right to Help England? audio
Download 11 - Chapter XI. The Duty of Canada audio
Download 12 - Chapter XII. The Soudanese and the South African Wars audio
Download 13 - Chapter XIII. British and German Aspirations Compared audio
Download 14 - Chapter XIV. The Veritable Aims of the Allies audio
Download 15 - Chapter XV. Just and Unjust Wars audio
Download 16 - Chapter XVI. "Nationalist" Views Condensed audio
Download 17 - Chapter XVII. Loyal Principles Propounded audio
Download 18 - Chapter XVIII. Imperialism audio
Download 19 - Chapter XIX. American Imperialism audio
Download 20 - Chapter XX. British Imperialism audio
Download 21 - Chapter XXI. The Situations of 1865 and 1900-14 Compared audio
Download 22 - Chapter XXII. British Imperialism Naturally Pacifist audio
Download 23 - Chapter XXIII. British Imperialism and Political Liberty audio
Download 24 - Chapter XXIV. Imperialism Federation and "Bourassism" audio
Download 25 - Chapter XXVII. The Future Constitutional Relations of the Empire audio
Download 26 - Chapter XXVIII. Outrages Are No Reasons audio
Download 27 - Chapter XXIX. How Mr. Bourassa Paid His Compliments To The Canadian Army audio
Download 28 - Chapter XXX. Rash Denunciation of Public Men audio
Download 29 - Chapter XXXI. Mr. Bourassa's Dangerous Pacifism audio
Download 30 - Chapter XXXII. A Most Reprehensible Abuse of Sacred Appeals To The Belligerent Nations audio
Download 31 - Chapter XXXIII. A Case For True Statesmanship audio
Download 32 - Chapter XXXIV. After-the-War Military Problem audio
Download 33 - Chapter XXXV. The Intervention of the United States in the War audio
Download 34 - Chapter XXXVI. The Allies--Russia--Japan audio
Download 35 - Chapter XXXVII. The Last Peace Proposals audio
Download 36 - Chapter XXXVIII. Necessary Peace Conditions audio
Download 37 - Chapter XXXIX. Conclusion audio

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Mr. Desjardins was driven to write this work to refute statements uttered by the nationalist Henri Bourassa, which the former feared painted all Quebecers with the same unpatriotic brush in respect to their contribution to the Great War.

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