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#1 - 01 Preface & Introductory Note

The Elements of Geology

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Download 03 Ch. I: The Work of the Weather, pt 1 audio
Download 04 Ch. I: The Work of the Weather, pt 2 audio
Download 05 Ch. II: The work of Ground Water audio
Download 06 Ch. III: Rivers and Valleys, pt 1 audio
Download 07 Ch. III: Rivers and Valleys, pt 2 audio
Download 08 Ch. IV: River Deposits audio
Download 09 Ch. V: The Work of Glaciers, pt 1 audio
Download 10 Ch. V: The Work of Glaciers, pt 2 audio
Download 11 Ch. VI: The Work of the Wind audio
Download 12 Ch. VII: The Sea and its Shores audio
Download 13 Ch. VIII: Offshore and Deep Sea Deposits audio
Download 14 Ch. IX: Movements of the Earth’s Crust, pt 1 audio
Download 15 Ch. IX: Movements of the Earth’s Crust, pt 2 audio
Download 16 Ch. X: Earthquakes audio
Download 17 Ch. XI: Volcanoes audio
Download 18 Ch. XII: Underground Structures of Igneous Origin audio
Download 19 Ch. XIII: Metamorphism and Mineral Veins audio
Download 20 Ch. XIV: The Geological Record audio
Download 21 Ch. XV: The Pre-Cambrian Systems audio
Download 22 Ch. XVI: The Cambrian audio
Download 23 Ch. XVII: The Ordovician and Silurian audio
Download 24 Ch. XVIII: The Devonian audio
Download 25 Ch. XIX: The Carboniferous audio
Download 26 Ch. XX: The Mesozoic, pt 1 audio
Download 27 Ch. XX: The Mesozoic, pt 2 audio
Download 28 Ch. XXI: The Tertiary audio
Download 29 Ch. XXI: The Quaternary, pt 1 audio
Download 30 Ch. XXI: The Quaternary, pt 2 audio

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Geology is a science of such rapid growth that no apology is expected when from time to time a new text-book is added to those already in the field. The present work, however, is the outcome of the need of a text-book of very simple outline, in which causes and their consequences should be knit together as closely as possible,—a need long felt by the author in his teaching, and perhaps by other teachers also. The author has ventured, therefore, to depart from the common usage which subdivides geology into a number of departments,—dynamical, structural, physiographic, and historical,—and to treat in immediate connection with each geological process the land forms and the rock structures which it has produced. (from book preface)

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