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#1 - 01 - Liber primus, pars prima

De Rerum Natura

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Download 07- Liber tertius, pars prima audio
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Download 09 - Liber tertius, pars tertia audio
Download 10 - Liber quartus, pars prima audio
Download 11 - Liber quartus, pars secunda audio
Download 12 - Liber quartus, pars tertia audio
Download 13 - Liber quintus, pars prima audio
Download 14 - Liber quintus, pars secunda audio
Download 15 - Liber quintus, pars tertia audio
Download 16 - Liber sextus, pars prima audio
Download 17 - Liber sextus, pars secunda audio
Download 18 - Liber sextus, pars tertia audio
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An exposition of Epicurus atomic theory and the ethical tenets based upon it. Drawing upon this materialist philosophy, Lucretius cites the fear of death as the cause of man's ills, and shows the way to freedom from that fear.

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