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#1 - 01 - His Britannic Majesty's Service

The Czar's Spy

Download 01 - His Britannic Majesty's Service audio
Download 02 - Why the Safe was Opened audio
Download 03 - The House 'Over the Water' audio
Download 04 - In Which The Mystery Increases audio
Download 05 - Contains Certain Confidences audio
Download 06 - The Gathering of the Clouds audio
Download 07 - Contains A Surprise audio
Download 08 - Life's Counter-Claim audio
Download 09 - Strange Disclosures Are Made audio
Download 10 - I Show My Hand audio
Download 11-1 - The Castle of Terror - Part 1 audio
Download 11-2 - The Castle of Terror - Part II audio
Download 12 - The Strangler audio
Download 13 - A Double Game And It's Consequences audio
Download 14 - Her Highness Is Inquisitive audio
Download 15 - Just Off The Strand audio
Download 17 - The Truth About the 'Lola' audio
Download 18 - Contains Elma's Story audio
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William Le Queux was a British novelist and prolific writer of mysteries. Indeed, mystery surrounds the author himself as to whether he was a spy or rather just a self-promoter. Regardless of which is true, Le Queux brings us a story of intrigue and espionage that travels across Europe in the true spirit of a good mystery. There are shootings, burglaries, romances, escapes from prisons, and intricate conspiracies that may surprise and leave you scratching your head as you try to solve this “whodunit”. In the best tradition of a good mystery however, you may need to wait for the final chapters to discover the truth.

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