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Charlotte Temple

Download 01 - A Boarding School audio
Download 02 - Domestic Concerns audio
Download 03 - Unexpected Misfortunes audio
Download 04 - Change Of Fortune audio
Download 06 - An Intriguing Teacher audio
Download 07 - Natural Sense Of Propriety Inherent In The Female Bosom. audio
Download 08 - Domestic Pleasures Planned audio
Download 09 - We Know Not What a Day May Bring Forth audio
Download 10 - When We Have Excited Curiosity audio
Download 11 - Conflict of Love and Duty audio
Download 12 - Nature's Last, Best Gift audio
Download 13 - Cruel Disappointment audio
Download 14 - Maternal Sorrow audio
Download 16 - Necessary Digression audio
Download 19 - A Mistake Discovered audio
Download 20 - A Chapter of Accidents audio
Download 21 - Teach Me to Feel Another's Woe audio
Download 22 - Sorrows of the Heart audio
Download 23 - A Man May Smile, and Be a Villain audio
Download 24 - Mystery Developed audio
Download 25 - Reception of a Letter audio
Download 26 - What Might Be Expected audio
Download 27 - Pensive She Morn'd audio
Download 28 - A Trifling Retrospect audio
Download 29 - We Go Forward Again audio
Download 30 - And What is Friendship But a Name audio
Download 31 - Subject Continued audio
Download 32 - Reasons Why and Wherefore audio
Download 33 - Which People Void of Feeling Need Not Read audio

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Charlotte Temple, a cautionary tale for young women, follows the unfortunate adventures of the eponymous heroine as she is seduced by a dashing soldier, Montraville. Influenced by both her lover and an unruly teacher at her boarding school, she is persuaded to run away to America, where she is eventually abandoned by Montraville after he becomes bored, leaving her alone and pregnant. First published in England in 1791, it went on to become America's bestselling novel, only being ousted by Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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