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Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales

Download 01 - Connla and the Fairy Maiden audio
Download 03 - The Field of Boliauns audio
Download 04 - The Horned Women audio
Download 05 - Conall Yellowclaw audio
Download 06 - Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary audio
Download 07 - The Shepherd of Myddvai audio
Download 08 - The Sprightly Tailor audio
Download 09 - The Story of Deidre audio
Download 10 - Munachar and Manachar audio
Download 11 - Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree audio
Download 12 - King O'Toole and His Goose audio
Download 13 - The Wooing of Olwen audio
Download 14 - Jack and His Comrades audio
Download 15 - The Shee an Gannon and The Gruagach Gaire audio
Download 16 - The Story-Teller at Fault audio
Download 17 - The Sea Maiden audio
Download 18 - The Legend of Knockmany audio
Download 19 - Fair, Brown and Trembling audio
Download 20 - Jack and His Master audio
Download 22 - The Tale of Ivan audio
Download 23 - Andrew Coffey audio
Download 24 - The Battle of the Birds audio
Download 25 - Brewery of Eggshells audio
Download 26 - The Lad with the Goat-Skin audio
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Celtic Fairy Tales is a collection of 25 folk and fairy stories collected from Ireland and Scotland. At what I imagine is the Frontispiece, or the dedication page, is the phrase: “SAY THIS Three times, with your eyes shut ‘Mothuighim boladh an Éireannaigh bhinn bhreugaigh faoi m’fhóidín dúthaigh.’And you will see/What you will see_” A loose translation of this Gaelic phrase is “I sense the smell of a sweet, enchanting Irishman around my dear homeplace.”

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