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The Brethren

Download 01 - By the Waters of Death Creek audio
Download 02 - Sir Andrew D'Arcy audio
Download 03 - The Knighting of the Brethren audio
Download 04 - The Letter of Saladin audio
Download 05 - The Wine Merchant audio
Download 06 - The Christmas Feast at Steeple audio
Download 07 - The Banner of Saladin audio
Download 08 - The Widow Masouda audio
Download 09 - The Horses Flame and Smoke audio
Download 10 - On Board the Galley audio
Download 11 - The City of Al-Jebal audio
Download 12 - The Lord of Death audio
Download 14 - The Combat on the Bridge audio
Download 15 - The Flight to Emesa audio
Download 16 - The Sultan Saladin audio
Download 17 - The Brethren Depart from Damascus audio
Download 18 - Wolf Pays for the Drugged Wine audio
Download 19 - Before the Walls of Ascalon audio
Download 20 - The Luck of the Star of Hassan audio
Download 21 - What Befell Godwin audio
Download 23 - Saint Rosamund audio
Download 24 - The Dregs of the Cup audio
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Set in the days of the Crusaders, this books tells of a young maiden named Rosamund, and her twin cousins. Godwin is the grey eyed thoughtful man, and Wulf is the blue eyed warrior. They are both knights of England and they are both in love with their fair cousin. But the riddle of the story is which does Rosamund love?

The adventure begins when Rosamund is taken from England and carried to the East. The plot thickens as the two young knights follow her in hopes of rescuing her from the Muslim leader, Saladin. As the Cross and the Crescent face each other at the Battle of Hattin, the story of Rosamund is unfolded and the riddle is solved.

With dangerous lions, a moon light duel on a bridge, and beautiful Arabian horses, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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