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#1 - 01 - Joan Reads by Firelight

The Branding Iron

Download 01 - Joan Reads by Firelight audio
Download 02 - Pierre Lays His Hand on a Heart audio
Download 03 - Two Pictures in the Fire audio
Download 05 - Pierre Becomes Alarmed About His Property audio
Download 06 - Pierre Takes Steps to Preserve His Property audio
Download 07 - The Judgement of God audio
Download 09 - Dried Rose Leaves audio
Download 10 - Prosper Comes to a Decision audio
Download 11 - The Whole Duty of Woman audio
Download 12 - A Matter of Taste audio
Download 13 - The Training of a Leopardess audio
Download 14 - Joan Runs Away audio
Download 15 - Nerves and Intuition audio
Download 16 - The Tall Child audio
Download 17 - Concerning Marriage audio
Download 19 - Morena's Wife audio
Download 23 - Joan and Prosper audio
Download 25 - Against the Bars audio
Download 26 - Gray Envelopes audio
Download 28 - The Clean Wild Thing audio
Download 29 - The Leopardess audio
Download 30 - The End of the Trail audio

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From the cold and mountainous regions of Wyoming to the bright lights of the big city, The Branding Iron is the story of a remarkable woman, Joan Carver. Born of poor means, at a fairly young age Joan decides to leave her father and strike out on her own, but she is to face more difficulties and hardships than she had reckoned for, and the men she encounters on her way share different means of dealing with her; and she of them. She becomes her own individual, with a strong will and a determination to lead her life as she sees fit. As with many of Ms. Burt's stories, The Branding Iron is filled with unexpected surprises at each turn.

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