Billy Whiskers, the Autobiography of a Goat cover

#1 - 01 - Mr. Wagner Buys a Goat

Billy Whiskers, the Autobiography of a Goat

Download 01 - Mr. Wagner Buys a Goat audio
Download 02 - Billy Whiskers Makes Trouble audio
Download 03 - Billy at the Soda Fountain audio
Download 04 - Billy Gives the Boys a Ducking in the Mill Pond audio
Download 05 - Billy's Adventures in Town audio
Download 06 - Billy Takes a Ride in the Police Patrol Wagon audio
Download 07 - Billy Joins the Fire Patrol audio
Download 08 - Billy and Nanny get into Mischief audio
Download 09 - Billy and Nanny are Married audio
Download 10 - Billy as a Performer in the Circus audio
Download 11 - Billy and the Snakes audio
Download 12 - What Billy Did on Sunday audio
Download 13 - What Billy Did on Monday audio
Download 14 - What Billy Did on Tuesday audio
Download 15 - What Billy Did on Wednesday audio
Download 16 - What Billy Did on Thursday audio
Download 17 - What Billy Did on Friday audio
Download 18 - Billy Finds Nanny audio

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This delightful children's story can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike! A mischievous goat, Billy Whiskers, gets into trouble so often that the book could be named, "Billy Trouble Whiskers"! This humorous story will bring you many chuckles and give you a chance to get lost in Billy's adventures with childlike enthusiasm. From riding in a police car, to being a firehouse mascot, getting married, and finding himself a circus goat, Billy's adventures will certainly keep you entertained! (Introduction by Allyson Hester)

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