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#1 - 00 – Dedication Authors Note and Introduction

Ayesha, the Return of She

Download 00 – Dedication Authors Note and Introduction audio
Download 01 – The Double Sign audio
Download 02 – The Lamasery audio
Download 03 – The Beacon Light audio
Download 04 – The Avalanche audio
Download 05 – The Glacier audio
Download 06 – In The Gate audio
Download 07 – The First Ordeal audio
Download 08 – The Death-Hounds audio
Download 09 – The Court of Kaloon audio
Download 10 – In the Shaman’s Chamber audio
Download 11 – The Hunt and the Kill audio
Download 12 – The Messenger audio
Download 13 – Beneath the Shadowing Wings audio
Download 14 – The Court of Death audio
Download 15 – The Second Ordeal audio
Download 16 – The Change audio
Download 17 – The Betrothal audio
Download 18 – The Third Ordeal audio
Download 19 – Leo and the Leopard audio
Download 20 – Ayesha’s Alchemy audio
Download 21 – The Prophey of Atene audio
Download 22 – The Loosing of the Powers audio
Download 23 – The Yielding Of Ayesha audio
Download 24 – The Passing of Ayesha audio

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Ayesha, the return of She, is set 16 years after the previous novel She. Horace Holly and Leo Vincey have spent the years travelling the world looking for Ayesha, along the way they experience many adventures, including avalanches, glaciers and even death-hounds before finally arriving in the court of Kaloon. At the court, they hear tell of a woman who Leo suspects to be Ayesha, however things are never simple and conflict soon follows them to Ayesha’s court. (Summarised from Wikipedia)

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