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#1 - 01 - Uncle John's Duty

Aunt Jane's Nieces In Society

Download 01 - Uncle John's Duty audio
Download 02 - A Question of 'Pull' audio
Download 04 - The Three Nieces audio
Download 05 - Preparing for the Plunge audio
Download 06 - The Fly In The Broth audio
Download 07 - The Hero Enters And Trouble Begins audio
Download 08 - Opening The Campaign audio
Download 09 - The Von Taer Pearls audio
Download 11 - The Brown Limousine audio
Download 13 - Diana Revolts audio
Download 14 - A Cool Encounter audio
Download 15 - A Bewildering Experience audio
Download 16 - Madame Cerise, Custodian audio
Download 17 - The Mystery Deepens audio
Download 18 - A Rift In The Clouds audio
Download 19 - Politic Repentance audio
Download 20 - A Telephone Call audio
Download 21 - The Unexpected Happens audio
Download 24 - A Matter Of Course audio

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Written under pseudonym of Edith Van Dyne. The story continues the adventures of three cousins, Louise, Patsy and Beth,with their debuts in society and the appearance of suitors, one of whom is rejected and kidnaps Louise.

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