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#1 - 01 - Uncle John's Farm

Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville

Download 01 - Uncle John's Farm audio
Download 03 - Millville Hears Exciting News audio
Download 04 - Ethel makes preparation audio
Download 05 - The Arrival of the Nabobs audio
Download 06 - Peggy presents his bill audio
Download 07 - Louise scents a mystery audio
Download 08 - The Little School Ma'am audio
Download 09 - The Lives of the Saints audio
Download 10 - The Mystery Deepens audio
Download 11 - Three Amateur Detectives audio
Download 12 - The baiting of Peggy McNutt audio
Download 13 - Bob Wes, Hardware Dealer audio
Download 14 - The Major is Puzzled audio
Download 15 - The Man in Hiding audio
Download 16 - A matter of speculation audio
Download 17 - Joe tells of The Great Trouble audio
Download 18 - The Locked Cupboard audio
Download 19 - The court'n' of Skim Clark audio
Download 21 - The trap is set audio
Download 23 - Mr. West explains audio
Download 24 - Peggy Has Revenge audio
Download 25 - Good News at Last audio
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Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville is a 1908 young-adult novel written by L. Frank Baum, famous as the creator of the Land of Oz. It is the third volume in "the successful Aunt Jane Series," following Aunt Jane's Nieces and Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad. Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville picks up the story of the three cousins, Patsy Doyle, Beth De Graf, and Louise Merrick, soon after their return from Europe in Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad. As in that earlier book, their benign and eccentric millionaire Uncle John devotes much of his fortune to helping others — an effort managed by Patsy's father, Major Doyle. These efforts do not always yield fiscally sound results...

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