Wine of Wizardry cover

Wine of Wizardry

George Sterling (1869-1926)

1. A Wine of Wizardry
2. The Islands of the Blest
3. The Lover Waits
4. To Edgar Allan Poe
5. In Extremis
6. Romance
7. The Forest Mother
8. A Violet
9. The Wild Iris
10. To An Elder Poet
11. The Homing of Drake
12. The Cloud
13. Oblivion
14. The Dust Dethroned
15. The Night of Gods
16. Helen Peterson
17. Tasso to Leonara
18. Of America
19. Beauty
20. The Soul Prismatic
21. Pride and Conscience
22. An April Morning
23. The Siren's Song, From "Duandon"
24. Madrigal
25. To Ina Coolbrith
26. A Mood
27. A Visitor
28. A Dream of Fear
29. Night In Heaven
30. To My Wife As May Queen
31. To Ambrose Bierce
32. Nora May French
33. To Robt. I. Aitken, Sculpture
34. To Chas. Rollo Peters, Painter
35. The Man I Might Have Been
36. The Triumph of Bohemia

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    A dark and moody collection of poems, influenced by the author's experience of nature, rather than an idealized notion of it. "The uncrowned King of Bohemia," as his friends called him, published this work against much public criticism.