Study in the Psychology of Religious Phenomena cover

Study in the Psychology of Religious Phenomena

James H. Leuba (1867-1946)

1. Introduction
2. Part I: Analysis of Conversion
3. Part I: Analysis of Conversion
4. Part II
5. Appendix (personal accounts)

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"The present essay when complete will contain three parts. Of the two parts now published, the first is an analysis of the conversion process; it is divided into six subdivisions, corresponding to the natural phases of the experience: The Sense of Sin, Self-surrender, Faith, Joy, Appearance of newness, The Role of the Will. In Part II we place, side by side, the Christian doctrines concerning Justification, Faith, the Grace of God, the Freedom of the Will, and the corresponding facts as they appear in Part I." Many stories of conversion are discussed, including Samuel H. Hadley, St. Augustine, John Bunyan, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, John B. Gough, Colonel James Gardiner, Jeremiah Hallock and J.O. Peck. This publication is cited in many publications.