A Soup of Alphabets from A-Z cover

A Soup of Alphabets from A-Z


1. Footsteps on the Road to Learning
2. The Anti-Slavery Alphabet
3. The Peter Pan Alphabet
4. An Alphabet of Celebrities
5. Uncle Frank’s Series: Funny Alphabet
6. Little People: An Alphabet
7. An Alphabet Of Old Friends
8. Dame Wonder’s Picture Alphabet
9. The Illustrated Alphabet Of Birds
10. The Absurd ABC

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A collection of children’s alphabet rhymes including Footsteps On the Road to Learning – a short text from 1850 which teaches children the English alphabet in rime–so that a child may not become a dunce! The Anti Slavery Alphabet – a book prepared to encourage young children to speak against the institution of slavery in 19th century United States. The method used is an alphabetical listing of the evils of slavery. The Peter Pan Alphabet and The Alphabet of Celebrities – Oliver Herford’s teaching guides to the English alphabet–using Peter Pan and famous names!