A Princess of Mars cover

A Princess of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. 00 - Foreward
2. 01 - Chapter 1
3. 02 - Chapter 2
4. 03 - Chapter 3
5. 04 - Chapter 4
6. 05 - Chapter 5
7. 06 - Chapter 6
8. 07 - Chapter 7
9. 08 - Chapter 8
10. 09 - Chapter 9
11. 10 - Chapter 10
12. 11 - Chapter 11
13. 12 - Chapter 12
14. 13 - Chapter 13
15. 14 - Chapter 14
16. 15 - Chapter 15
17. 16 - Chapter 16
18. 17 - Chapter 17
19. 18 - Chapter 18
20. 19 - Chapter 19
21. 20 - Chapter 20
22. 21 - Chapter 21
23. 22 - Chapter 22
24. 23 - Chapter 23
25. 24 - Chapter 24
26. 25 - Chapter 25
27. 26 - Chapter 26
28. 27 - Chapter 27
29. 28 - Chapter 28

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Burroughs’ first published book, as well as the first book in the Barsoom series, A Princess of Mars is a science fiction novel following the adventures of the heroic John Carter, after he is mysteriously transported to the planet Mars where he meets its divided inhabitants. The novel is considered to be a seminal for the planetary romance, which is a sub-genre of science fantasy. Burroughs’ book has also inspired a number of well known science fiction writers during the beginning of the 20th century. The story sets off with the introduction of Civil War veteran John Carter, who while mining for gold in Arizona, gets into a skirmish with native Indians. Forced to evade inside a mysterious cave, he is mysteriously transported to Mars, or Barsoom as it is called by its inhabitants. Carter discovers that he has immense strength and agility caused by the lower force of gravity on the planet. He then becomes acquainted with the Tharks, a nomadic tribe described as having four arms, a fearsome temperament and mostly distinguished by their green skin. The Tharks first instincts to kill the strange creature are quickly pushed aside as they are amazed by Carter’s super abilities and decide to take him prisoner instead. Carter learns the importance the Tharks place on strength and brutality, and through his new found vigor he rises to earn a respectable place among the tribe. Soon the princess Dejah Thoris, who is a part of the humanoid red race of Helium, is captured by the Tharks. Carter’s attempt to save the princess causes him to be caught up in the politics of the two opposing Martian sides. As an escapist fantasy, the novel contains many imaginative ideas which are successfully portrayed through its depiction of the Red Planet and includes a detailed illustration of alien culture, romance, and action. The detail in which it is written and its fast moving plot is what grabs and maintains the full attention of the reader. A story of loyalty and sacrifice, A Princess of Mars is a masterpiece of its time and an influence for the pulp fiction genre that followed.



- great narrator

if you want to improve your english, this project is good choise. I love his voice.


- great

Have not read Burroughs for years. he is a master story teller and I will read his works often.


- Fantastic

I have read this book multiple times. It is still one of the best out there. Thomas did an amazing job at reading the story with passion which kept it extremely entertaining and engaging.

one of the best books on here.

the way in witch this book is written is amazing in the detail it portrays, I felt as though I could be there with them. this is worth your time to listen to. I felt very close with the characters in this book and can't wait to listen to the 2nd one.


- Review

Great story! I couldn't turn away from it. Thank you Thomas!


- Very Nice

It was well read and filled with action. Even some tasteful romance. I would listen again.


- A Princess of Mars

It goes to show you that the movie and books don't always align. This was a good book and am now curious as to how the next book in the series will go.


I am studying english, this site is very nice. Great book.

Von Rite

- the princess of mars

It was a real good read. Also noticed that several different novels have been inspired by this novel.


- Pretty good story

One must take into account that the book was written in 1918 when listening to this si-fi story. But it is a great story and thank you so much for reading it to us. It makes my one hour drive each way to work enjoyable/bearable.