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#1 - Introduction

Political Pilgrim in Europe

Download Ch. 1 The Second International, January, 1919 audio
Download Ch. 2 The Second International, continued audio
Download Ch. 3 The Second International, concluded audio
Download Ch. 4 The League of Nations Conference audio
Download Ch. 5 The Conference of Women at Zurich audio
Download Ch. 6 The International at Lucerne audio
Download Ch. 9 More About Russia audio
Download Ch. 10 From Russia by Sweden and Germany audio
Download Ch. 11 Concerning the Jews audio
Download Ch. 12 Georgia of the Caucasus audio
Download Ch. 13 More About Georgia audio
Download Ch. 14 Home Through the Balkans audio
Download Ch. 15 The Distressful Country audio
Download Ch. 16 More About Ireland audio
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Written in the aftermath of Word War I, Viscountess Snowden recounts her travels in post war Europe in, as she describes it, "an attempt to do what one person might do, or at least attempt, to restore good feeling between the nations and the normal course of life as quickly as possible." An outspoken pacifist, socialist, and feminist who nonetheless strongly denounced the Bolsheviks, Snowden was a controversial and polarizing figure. whose views and observations offer a unique perspective on Europe in the '20s. - Summary by Ciufi Galeazzi

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