A Narrative of the Life of Rev. Noah Davis, A Colored Man cover

A Narrative of the Life of Rev. Noah Davis, A Colored Man

Noah Davis (b. 1804)

1. 0 – The Object of the Writer
2. 1 – Early Life in Virginia — Example of Pious Parents
3. 2 – Apprenticed to the Shoe-making — Learns housework — Intemperance — A negro can’t be trusted — Learning How to Write and Cipher
4. 3 – Religious Experience — Conviction and Conversion
5. 4 – Marriage — License to Preach — Purchase of Freedom — Call to Baltimore
6. 5 – Experience in Baltimore — Education — Purchase of a Wife and two Children — Great Distress of Mind — Generous Assistance — Church Matters
7. 6 – A New Movement in Baltimore — Erection of a Meeting House for the African Baptist Church — Heavy Indebtedness — Account of the Enterprise
8. 7 – Account of a Visit to the northern Cities — True Friends
9. 8 – Conclusion — Object of this Book — Sermon

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The object of the writer, in preparing this account of himself, is toRAISE SUFFICIENT MEANS TO FREE HIS LAST TWO CHILDREN FROM SLAVERY.Having already, within twelve years past, purchased himself, his wife, and five of his children, at a cost, altogether, of over four thousand dollars, he now earnestly desires a humane and Christian public toAID HIM IN THE SALE OF THIS BOOK,for the purpose of finishing the task in which he has so long and anxiously labored.God has blessed him in an extraordinary manner, not only by granting freedom to him and so large a portion of his family, but by giving him the hope of the gospel, and permitting him to preach that gospel among his own people–in which calling he has been engaged for about twenty-five years. (Excerpted from the book)