Little Princess (Version 3) cover

Little Princess (Version 3)

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924)

1. Chapter 1 - Sara
2. Chapter 2 - A French Lesson
3. Chapter 3 - Ermengarde
4. Chapter 4 - Lottie
5. Chapter 5 - Becky
6. Chapter 6 - The Diamond Mines
7. Chapter 7 - The Diamond Mines Again
8. Chapter 8 - In the Attic
9. Chapter 9 - Melchisedec
10. Chapter 10 - The Indian Gentleman
11. Chapter 11 - Ram Dass
12. Chapter 12 - The Other Side of the Wall
13. Chapter 13 - One of the Populace
14. Chapter 14 - What Melchisedec Heard and Saw
15. Chapter 15 - The Magic
16. Chapter 16 - The Visitor
17. Chapter 17 - "It is the Child!"
18. Chapter 18 - "I Tried Not to Be"
19. Chapter 19 - Anne

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    A Little Princess is a classic of children's literature by the author of The Secret Garden. Seven-year-old Sara Crewe comes to London to attend Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies, where she must live apart from her adored father. Sara is a bright and imaginative child who is both loved (for her friendliness) and hated (for her father's wealth) at Miss Minchin's. When Sara receives some terrible news on her eleventh birthday, her life changes forever.



    - Amazing

    I love it and the narrator is really good


    - A little princess

    This is a very good book 10\10 I would recommend this to anyone.


    I just started this book and already LOVE IT!

    Sharekha Raghoo

    - A little princess

    I absolutely loved every chapter of this excellent inspiring book. It teaches us never to give up on our dreams and to have patience.


    - The little princess

    I have listened to this book twice it's awesome.

    Mimi Lewin

    - A Little Princess

    This audiobook is greatly narrated and it is hard to stop listening


    - The book

    This book made me sad and happy at the same time I've listened to this story like 4 times. I LOVE THIS BOOK!


    - a little princess

    beautifully narrated!


    - Princess

    This is incredible.The narrator is amazing!


    - A Little Princess

    I must agree that this was a great book, made so by the excellent narration.