Audiobook: Little Girl in Old Boston

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Little Girl in Old Boston

1 - Dramatis Personae and CHAPTER I. Doris


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Doris, an orphan from England, arrives in Boston and adapts to life in America. As she grows up, she undergoes many adventures and experiences the 1812 war. Summary by Elsie Selwyn.

Cast List:

Narrator: KevinS
Doris: Navin Winthrop Adams: ToddHW
Mr. Leverett: Jim Hilgen
Mrs. Leverett: Mickey Lee Rich
Warren Leverett: Eiljah Fisher
Betty Leverett: Jenn Broda
Aunt Priscilla: Lisanne Lavoie
Madam Royall: Foon
Mrs. Manning: Anita Sloma-Martinez
Cary Adams: Adam Bielka
Miss Recompense: Lydia
Electa King: Leanne Yau

Additional characters read by: lorda, Ulrike Denis, Sage Tyrtle, Marilyn Rakes, Campbell Schelp, Lola Janie, Anita Sloma-Martinez, Nemo, Arthur Nascimento, Luke Castle, B L Newman, Mickey Lee Rich, LikeManyWaters , JazzyGirl, Pseudonymous Nerd, Betsy Walker, Eiljah Fisher, ZoinkMeister Patrick.

Edited by: Linette Geisel
Proof listeners: Elsie Selwyn, Linette Geisel, and Gillian Hendrie.

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