Little Candy Book for a Little Girl cover

Little Candy Book for a Little Girl

Amy Lane Waterman (1873-1955)

1. Preface
2. Cool Weather Candies
3. Popcorn Goodies
4. Fudge, Part 1
5. Fudge, Part 2
6. Fudge, Part 3
7. Fudge, Part 4
8. Caramels
9. Cream Candies - Uncooked
10. Stuffed Dainties
11. Cream Candies - Cooked
12. Salted Nuts
13. Betsey's Party
14. Appendix

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    Join Betsey Bobbitt, a girl with an undeniable sweet tooth, as she discovers new recipes for candy and sweets to make with the reader. An entertaining cookbook with a narrative!