Dash for a Throne cover

Dash for a Throne

Arthur W. Marchmont (1852-1923)

1. My Death
2. A Gate of Life
3. 'As Your Highness Will'
4. 'You are Head of the House now'
5. The Scent of Treachery
6. My 'Cousin'
7. At Munich
8. Praga's Story
9. My Plan of Campaign
10. A Council of Conspiracy
11. 'Even one Subject May Make a Kingdom'
12. My Scheme Develops
13. A Check
14. The Abduction
15. A Treacherous Attack
16. The Ball at the Palace
17. Checkmate
18. After the Abduction
19. The Maid's Story
20. Covering my Defeat
21. News of Minna
22. At Landsberg
23. The Pursuit
24. The Meeting
25. 'I am Not the Prince'
26. Flight
27. An Old Enemy
28. The Emperor
29. Count von Rudloff
30. The End

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The young Count von Rudloff got himself into so much trouble with the Imperial Family in Berlin, that he sees no other way out of it than to fake his own death. Stumbling through different identities, he finally assumes - quite against his will - the identity of the Prince von Gramberg. At Gramberg Castle, he finds a web of intrigue, which threatens the safety of the young and beautiful Countess Minna. The Count von Rudloff decides to save the girl, but the intrigue is more complicated than it first appeared, and there are old enemies who are still waiting for their revenge...