Boy Crusoe cover

Boy Crusoe

Allan Eric

1. Early Life; Off for a Voyage
2. Heavy Weather; the Sargasso Sea
3. A Terrible Storm; Leaving the Ship
4. Cast Up by the Sea on a Tropical Island
5. Strange Surroundings; Building a House
6. The Stockade; a Crusoe's Life
7. A Cocoanut Calendar; Food Supply
8. Thoughts of the Future; Making a Bow-Gun
9. Starts to Explore the Island; Turtles' Eggs
10. In the Folds of a Snake
11. The Mountain Cave; a Beacon; Attack by Pigs
12. Return to the Coast; a Mangrove Swamp; Fever
13. A Feathered Companion; Making a Fish Trap
14. Another Exploring Trip; Tropical Fruits
15. A Hurricane and a Ship-Wreck
16. Pleasant Companions; Enlarging the House
17. Building a Raft; Visits to the Wreck
18. The March Continued; Arrival on the Mountain
19. An Ancient Ruin; Wonderful Discovery
20. "The Golden Treasure;" Its Removal
21. Preparing for Departure; Death of the Monster
22. Boat-Building; A Startling Sound
23. Rescue at Hand; Leaving the Island

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Also published as" A Yankee Crusoe" . A 15 year old hard working and studious farm boy finds the lure of adventure on the seas as a merchant seaman more than he can resist. This is his story. " I was born in a little town in the State of Maine, near the close of the Civil War. My boyhood life did not differ materially from that of the average farmer's son in the remote country districts of New England--except, perhaps, that I read more and thought more. Hard work on the rugged soil, two terms each year in the little yellow country schoolhouse, a day's fishing now and then filled the early years of my life full to over-flowing. " What he gets is enough excitement and adventure to overflow his wildest dreams. How he experiences disaster and uses his wits and knowledge to overcome every problem makes for a great read.