Audiobook: Bold Stroke for a Husband

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Bold Stroke for a Husband

1 - Act 1


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"Plays, where the scene is placed in a foreign country, particularly when that country is Spain, have a license to present certain improbabilities to the audience, without incurring the danger of having them called such; and the authoress, by the skill with which she has used this dramatic permittance, ... has formed a most interesting plot, and embellished it with lively, humorous, and affecting incident.... Here is contained no oblique insinuation, detrimental to the cause of morality—but entertainment and instruction unite, to make a pleasant exhibition at a theatre, or give an hour's amusement in the closet." (Mrs. Inchbald, 1831)

Cast list:
Don Cæsar: Adrian Stephens
Don Julio: Greg Giordano
Don Carlos: Alan Mapstone
Don Vincentio: ToddHW
Don Garcia: Jim Locke
Don Vasquez: James R. Hedrick
Gasper: Jake Malizia
Pedro: Wayne Cooke
Servants: David Purdy
Donna Olivia: Jenn Broda
Donna Victoria: Sonia
Donna Laura: WendyKatzHiller
Minette: Matea Bracic
Marcella: Anna Maria
Sancha: Larry Wilson
Inis: Lynette Caulkins
Stage Directions: Joanna Michal Hoyt
Editing: ToddHW

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