Yukon Trail cover

Yukon Trail

William MacLeod Raine (1871-1954)

1. Chapter I Going "In"
2. Chapter II Enter a Man
3. Chapter III The Girl from Drogheda
4. Chapter IV The Crevasse
5. Chapter V Across the Traverse
6. Chapter VI Sheba Sings - and Two Men Listen
7. Chapter VII Wally Gets Orders
8. Chapter VIII The End of the Passage
9. Chapter IX Gid Holt Goes Prospecting
10. Chapter X The Rah-Rah Boy Functions
11. Chapter XI Gordon invites himself to Dinner—and does not enjoy it
12. Chapter XII Sheba says "Perhaps"
13. Chapter XIII Diane and Gordon Differ
14. Chapter XIV Genevieve Mallory Takes a Hand
15. Chapter XV Gordon Buys a Revolver
16. Chapter XVI Ambushed
17. Chapter XVII "God Save You Kindly"
18. Chapter XVIII Gordon Spends a Busy Evening
19. Chapter XIX Sheba Does Not Think So
20. Chapter XX Gordon Finds Himself Unpopular
21. Chapter XXI A New Way of Leaving a House
22. Chapter XXII Gid Holt Comes to Kusiak
23. Chapter XXIII In the Dead of Night
24. Chapter XXIV Macdonald Follows a Clue
25. Chapter XXV In the Blizzard
26. Chapter XXVI Hard Mushing
27. Chapter XXVII Two On the Trail
28. Chapter XXVIII A Message From the Dead
29. Chapter XXIX "Don't Touch Him! Don't You Dare Touch Him!"
30. Chapter XXX Holt Frees His Mind
31. Chapter XXXI Sheba Digs
32. Chapter XXXII Diane Changes Her Mind

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The Yukon Trail: A Tale of the North (filmed as The Grip of the Yukon in 1928) is an adventure yarn from the prodigious output of William MacLeod Raine, who averaged nearly two western novels a year for some 46 years. Twenty of his novels have been filmed. Though Raine was prolific, he was a slow, careful, conscientious worker, intent on accurate detail, and considered himself a craftsman rather than an artist. (Adapted from Wikipedia)