Youth and the Bright Medusa, and The Troll Garden cover

Youth and the Bright Medusa, and The Troll Garden

Willa Sibert Cather (1873-1947)

1. 01 Coming, Aphrodite! Parts 1-4
2. 02 Coming, Aphrodite! Part 5
3. 03 Coming, Aphrodite! Parts 6-7
4. 04 The Diamond Mine Parts 1-2
5. 05 The Diamond Mine Part 3
6. 06 The Diamond Mine Part 4
7. 07 A Gold Slipper
8. 08 Scandal
9. 09 Paul's Case
10. 10 A Wager Matinee
11. 11 The Sculptor's Funeral
12. 12 "A Death In The Desert"
13. 13 Flavia And Her Artists Part 1
14. 14 Flavia and Her Artists Part 2
15. 15 The Garden Lodge
16. 16 The Marriage Of Phaedra

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Youth And The Bright Medusa comprises eight short stories published in 1920. Four of them (The Sculptor’s Funeral; A Death In The Desert; A Wagner Matinee; Paul’s Case) are re-worked from an earlier collection, The Troll Garden, published in 1905. This Librivox recording contains in addition the three stories (Flavia And Her Artists; The Garden Lodge; The Marriage Of Phaedra) from that earlier work omitted in the later book. In other words, all the stories in both books are recorded here.