Young Woman's Guide to Excellence cover

Young Woman's Guide to Excellence

William A Alcott (1798-1859)

1. Explanation of Terms
2. Female Responsibilities
3. Self-Education
4. Love of Improvement
5. Self-Knowledge
6. Conscientiousness
7. Self-Government
8. Self-Command
9. Decision of Character
10. Self-Dependence
11. Reasoning and Originality
12. Invention
13. Observation and Reflection
14. Detraction and Scandal
15. The Right Use of Time
16. Love of Domestic Concerns
17. Frugality and Economy
18. System
19. Punctuality
20. Exercise
21. Rest and Sleep
22. Industry
23. Visiting
24. Manners
25. Health and Beauty
26. Neatness and Cleanliness
27. Dress and Ornament
28. Dosing and Drugging
29. Taking Care of the Sick
30. Intellectual Improvement
31. Social Improvement
32. Moral Progress

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Much of this guide for young women is still valuable today. Despite mentions of tight lacing and other out of date matters, it contains many timeless principles. (Bria Snow)