Young Girl's Diary cover

Young Girl's Diary


1. Preface
2. July, The First Year
3. August, The First Year
4. September, The First Year
5. October, The First Year
6. November, The First Year
7. December, The First Year
8. January - March, The First Year
9. April - July, The First Year
10. August - October, The Second Year
11. November - December, The Second Year
12. January - March, The Second Year
13. April, The Second Year
14. May, The Second Year
15. June, The Second Year
16. July, The Second Year
17. August, The Third Year
18. September, The Third Year
19. October, The Third Year
20. November - December, The Third Year
21. January, The Third Year
22. February, The Third Year
23. March - May, The Third Year
24. June, The Third Year
25. July 1-29, The Third Year
26. July 30-31, The Last Half Year
27. August 1-13, The Last Half Year
28. August 14-31, The Last Half Year
29. September, The Last Half Year
30. October - November, The Last Half Year
31. December 1-22, The Last Half Year
32. December 23-31, The Last Half Year
33. January, The Last Half Year

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The diary of an upper middle class Austrian girl, this book describes her life between the ages of eleven and fourteen. It's a coming of age story full of angst, boys, and questions.