Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 2 cover

Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 2

Hamilton Wright Mabie (1846-1916)

1. Introduction
2. Baucis And Philemon
3. Pandora
4. Midas
5. Cadmus
6. Proserpina
7. The Story Of Atalanta
8. Pyramus And Thisbe
9. Orpheus
10. Baldur
11. Thor's Adventures Among The Jotuns
12. The Apples Of Idun
13. The Gift Of The Dwarfs
14. The Punishment Of Loki
15. The Blind Man, The Deaf Man, and the Donkey
16. Harisaman
17. Why The Fish Laughed
18. Muchie Lal
19. How The Rajah's Son Won The Princess Labam
20. The Jellyfish And The Monkey
21. The Old Man And The Devils
22. Autumn And Spring
23. The Vision Of Tsunu
24. The Star-Lovers
25. Two Brothers
26. The Twelve Months
27. The Sun; Or The Three Golden Hairs Of The Old Man Vésèvde
28. Hiawatha
29. Perseus
30. Odysseus Parts 1 and 2
31. Odysseus Parts 3 and 4
32. The Argonauts Parts 1 through 3
33. The Argonauts Parts 4 and 5
34. Theseus
35. Hercules
36. The Perilous Voyage Of Æneas
37. How Horatius Held The Bridge
38. How Cincinnatus Saved Rome
39. Beowulf
40. How King Arthur Conquered Rome
41. Sir Galahad And The Sacred Cup
42. The Passing Of Arthur
43. Robin Hood
44. Guy Of Warwick
45. Dick Whittington And His Cat
46. Tom Hickathrift
47. The Story Of Frithiof
48. Havelok
49. The Vikings
50. Siegfried Parts 1 through 4
51. Siegfried Parts 5 through 7
52. Roland Parts 1 through 3
53. Roland Parts 4 and 5
54. The Cid Parts 1 through 3
55. The Cid Parts 4 and 5
56. William Tell
57. Rustem Part 1
58. Rustem Part 2

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