Young Carthaginian cover

Young Carthaginian

George Alfred Henty (1832-1902)

1. Preface
2. A Camp In The Desert
3. A Night Attack
4. Carthage
5. A Popular Rising
6. The Conspiracy
7. A Campaign In Spain
8. A Wolf Hunt
9. A Plot Frustrated
10. The Siege Of Saguntum
11. Beset
12. The Passage Of The Rhone
13. Among The Passes
14. The Battle Of The Trebia
15. The Battle Of Lake Trasimene
16. A Mountain Tribe
17. In The Dungeons Of Carthage
18. The Escape
19. Cannae
20. In The Mines
21. The Sardinian Forest
22. The Gaulish Slave
23. The Lion

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Typically, Henty's heroes are boys of pluck in troubled times, and this is no different. Detailed research is embellished with a vivid imagination, especially in this novel set in the Punic wars, about which knowledge is limited: "...certainly we had but a hazy idea as to the merits of the struggle and knew but little of its events, for the Latin and Greek authors, which serve as the ordinary textbooks in schools, do not treat of the Punic wars. That it was a struggle for empire at first, and latterly one for existence on the part of Carthage, that Hannibal was a great and skilful general, that he defeated the Romans at Trebia, Lake Trasimenus, and Cannae, and all but took Rome, and that the Romans behaved with bad faith and great cruelty at the capture of Carthage, represents, I think, pretty nearly the sum total of our knowledge. " (from the preface)