The Works of Aphra Behn Volume V cover

The Works of Aphra Behn Volume V

Aphra Behn (1640-1689)

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[This e text comes in three forms: Unicode (UTF 8), Latin 1 and ASCII 7. Use the one that works best on your text reader. If "oe" displays as a single character, and apostrophes and quotation marks are "curly" or angled, you have the UTF 8 version (best). If any part of this paragraph displays as garbage, try changing your text reader's "character set" or "file encoding". If that doesn't work, proceed to: In the Latin 1 version, "oe" is two letters, but French words like "rôle" and "mêre" have accents and "æ" is a single letter. Apostrophes and quotation marks will be straight ("typewriter" form). Again, if you see any garbage in this paragraph and can't get it to display properly, use: The ASCII 7 or rock bottom version. All necessary text will still be there; it just won't be as pretty. Note that in the Introduction to "Agnes de Castro", the name "Constança" has a cedilla and "Peñafiel" has a tilde.In the printed book, all notes were grouped at the end of the volume. For this e text, they have been placed after their respective stories. The Epistle Dedicatory to Oroonoko was printed as an Appendix. In keeping with the editor's intention (see second paragraph of Note), it has been placed immediately before the novel.Where appropriate, cross references from other volumes of the Complete Works are quoted after the Notes. The "N.E.D." (New English Dictionary) is now known as the OED.Typographic note: In the printed book, all references to plays give the Act in lower case Roman numerals and the Scene in small capital Roman numerals; the two look identical except for the dots over the i's. For this plain text version, the conventional "IV, iv" sequence was used instead. Italic passages used Roman type for emphasis; this is shown as Name.] THE WORKS of APHRA BEHN Edited by MONTAGUE SUMMERS VOL...