Wopsy: The Adventures of a Guardian Angel cover

Wopsy: The Adventures of a Guardian Angel

Gerard F. Scriven (?-1949)

1. 01 - Taking Charge
2. 02 - A Very Happy Little Angel
3. 03 - What Happens at Night
4. 04 - Wopsy Goes Off on Business
5. 05 - Wopsy Weeps Angel Tears
6. 06 - The Wanglings of Wopsy
7. 07 - Father George Says Mass at Matongu
8. 08 - Wopsy and the Bishop
9. 09 - Wopsy and the Porro Devil
10. 10 - When Angels Meet
11. 11 - Wopsy and the Meetings of the Devils
12. 12 - On the Road to Matongu
13. 13 - The Inquisitiveness of Shiny
14. 14 - Wopsy Pays a Visit to Heaven

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Wopsy is the story of a very young Guardian Angel, sent to watch over a pagan baby in Africa. Wopsy desperately wants his baby's soul to become white and clean in baptism, but what is a small guardian angel to do when there is no missionary priest in the village?The author was a member of the missionary order of priests known as the White Fathers (So named because of the white habits they wore). He wrote the "Wopsy" series of books in order to encourage missionary vocations in young children.