Wood and Garden cover

Wood and Garden

Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932)

1. 01-CHAPTER I Introductory
2. 02-CHAPTER II January
3. 03-CHAPTER III February
4. 04-CHAPTER IV March
5. 05-CHAPTER V April
6. 06-CHAPTER VI Part One May
7. 07-CHAPTER VI Part Two May
8. 08-CHAPTER VII June
10. 10-CHAPTER IX August
11. 11-CHAPTER X September
12. 12-CHAPTER XI Part One October
13. 13-CHAPTER XI Part Two October
14. 14-CHAPTER XII November
15. 15-CHAPTER XIII December
16. 16-CHAPTER XIV Large and Small Gardens
17. 17-CHAPTER XV Beginning and Learning
18. 18-CHAPTER XVI The Flower-Border and Pergola
19. 19-CHAPTER XVII The Primrose Garden
20. 20-CHAPTER XVIII Colours of Flowers
21. 21-CHAPTER XIX The Scents of the Garden
22. 22-CHAPTER XX The Worship of False Gods
23. 23-CHAPTER XXI Novelty and Variety
24. 24-CHAPTER XXII Weeds and Pests
25. 25-CHAPTER XXIII The Bedding Fashion and Its Influence
26. 26-CHAPTER XXIV Masters and Men

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Wood and Garden reads like a walk through the garden with reknowned garden designer Gertrude Jekyll as she discusses her plant choices and placement, how she integrates nature into her design, and how she maintains and enjoys the garden.