Wonders of the Jungle cover

Wonders of the Jungle

Sarath Kumar Ghosh (1883-?)

1. 01 - The Midnight Pool
2. 02 - The Law of the Jungle
3. 03 - The Elephants' Bath
4. 04 - Elephants: The Tricks of the Jungle
5. 05 - Elephants: The Tricky Trap
6. 06 - Buffaloes: The Knights of the Jungle
7. 07 - Taming the Buffalo
8. 08 - The Buffalo and the Boy
9. 09 - Deer and Antelope
10. 10 - Deer and Antelope: Their Special Gifts
11. 11 - The Camel
12. 12 - The Camel and the Thief
13. 13 - Bears
14. 14 - Bears: The Tricky Trap
15. 15 - Bright Birds
16. 16 - The Caged Parrot

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How do elephants drink? What is the Law of the Jungle at the water hole? How does an elephant baby learn to feed and learn to swim? How do they walk under water? In what order do buffaloes drink? How do buffaloes fight the tiger? These and other wild inhabitants of the Indian jungle such as pigs, wild dogs, deer, camels, bears and birds are discussed in lively stories to entertain but mainly educate children of school age. "One of the great thinkers of the world has said that all the sciences are embodied in natural history. Hence natural history should be taught to a child from an early age. Perhaps the best method of teaching it is to set forth the characteristics of animals in the form of a narrative. Then the child reads the narrative with pleasure and almost as a story, not as a tedious "lesson." In this book the animals are described in their daily life, and the main scientific facts and principles concerning each animal are woven into the narrative as a part of that daily life."