Woman and the New Race cover

Woman and the New Race

Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)

1. 01 - Preface and Dedication by Havelock Ellis
2. 02 - Woman's Error and Her Debt
3. 03 - Woman's Struggle For Freedom
4. 04 - The Material of the New Race
5. 05 - Two Classes of Women
6. 06 - The Wickedness of Creating Large Families
7. 07 - Cries of Despair
8. 08 - When Should A Woman Avoid Having Children?
9. 09 - Birth Control- A Parent's Problem or a Woman's?
10. 10 - Continence- Is It Practicable or Desirable?
11. 11 - Contraceptives or Abortion?
12. 12 - Are Preventive Means Certain?
13. 13 - Will Birth Control Help the Cause of Labor?
14. 14 - Battalions of Unwanted Babies the Cause of War
15. 15 - Woman and the New Mortality
16. 16 - Legislating Woman's Morals
17. 17 - Why Not Birth Control Clinics in America?
18. 18 - Progress We have Made
19. 19 - The Goal

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Margaret Sanger was an American sex educator and nurse who became one of the leading birth control activists of her time, having at one point, even served jail time for importing birth control pills, then illegal, into the United States. Woman and the New Race is her treatise on how the control of population size would not only free women from the bondage of forced motherhood, but would elevate all of society. The original fight for birth control was closely tied to the labor movement as well as the Eugenics movement, and her book provides fascinating insight to a mostly-forgotten turbulent battle recently fought in American history.