A Woman Who Went to Alaska cover

A Woman Who Went to Alaska

May Kellogg Sullivan

1. 00 Preface
2. 01 Under Way
3. 02 Midnight on a Yukon Steamer
4. 03 Dawson
5. 04 The Rush
6. 05 At the Arctic Circle
7. 06 Companions
8. 07 Going to Nome
9. 08 Fresh Danger
10. 09 Nome
11. 10 The Four Sisters
12. 11 Life in a Mining Camp
13. 12 Bar-Room Disturbances
14. 13 Off For Golovin Bay
15. 14 Life at Golovin
16. 15 Winter in the Mission
17. 16 The Retired Sea Captain
18. 17 How the Long Days Passed
19. 18 Swarming
20. 19 New Quarters
21. 20 Christmas in Alaska
22. 21 My First Gold Claims
23. 22 The Little Sick Child
24. 23 Lights and Shadows of the Mining Camp
25. 24 An Unpleasant Adventure
26. 25 Stones and Dynamite
27. 26 Good-bye to Golovin Bay
28. 27 Going Outside

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Alaska has only been a state since 1959, and the breathtaking terrain remains mostly unspoiled and natural. In modern times, many of us have had the pleasure of visiting Alaska via a luxurious cruise ship, where we enjoyed gourmet meals, amazing entertainment, and a climate-controlled environment. It's easy to also book a land package that enables you to see more of the country by train.Imagine what it was like to visit the same wild, untamed countryside in 1899. Instead of boarding a sleek, stylish cruise ship, you travel for weeks on a steamer. You wait 2 weeks for the open, flat cars of the new railroad just to assure yourself it can travel safely through the dangerous mountain pass. No stately cabin or grand hotel awaits you at the end of your journey; you'll spend your time in rough mining camps. Such is the case in May Kellogg Sullivan's spellbinding and vivid account of her Alaskan adventures, which occurred over 18 months during 2 solo trips covering 12,000 miles. This is the perfect travel narrative to enjoy on your Alaskan cruise or in the comfort of your own home. (Introduction by Karen Commins)



- Memoir

well read, takes place in Alaska, years after the Klondike gold.