The Wolf Hunters cover

The Wolf Hunters

James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927)

1. 01 - The Fight in the Forest
2. 02 - How Wabigoon Became a White man
3. 03 - Roderick Sees the Footprint
4. 04 - Roderick's First Taste of the Hunter's Life
5. 05 - Shots in the Wilderness
6. 06 - Mukoki Disturbs the Ancient Skeletons
7. 07 - Roderick Discovers the Buckskin Bag
8. 08 - How Wolf Became the Companion of Men
9. 09 - Wolf Takes Vengance Upon His People
10. 10 - Roderick Explores the Chasm
11. 11 - Roderick's Dream
12. 12 - The Secret of the Skeleton's Hand
13. 13 - Snowed In
14. 14 - The Rescue of Wabigoon
15. 15 - Roderick Holds the Woongas at Bay
16. 16 - The Surprise at the Post

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Follow Roderick and his friends Wabi and Mukoki on their adventures in the pristine North. They fight voracious wolves, hostile natives, and the vicious elements of nature, while on the hunt. Getting more than they bargained for, they discover a mysterious cabin, and stumble upon a secret that has lain hidden for half a century. Full of twists and turns, danger and suspense, The Wolf Hunters, the prequal to The Gold Hunters, is an excellent read. (Introduction by Brian Adey)



- good



- Wolf Hunters

OK not great, good readers for the most part, avoid chapter 11 if you can, it's painful to listen to.


Easy listening, I enjoyed a simple story that had no twists and turns!