With Clive in India cover

With Clive in India

George Alfred Henty (1832-1902)

1. Preface
2. Leaving Home
3. The Young Writer
4. A Brush with Privateers
5. The Pirates of the Pacific
6. Madras
7. The Arrival of Clive
8. The Siege of Arcot
9. The Grand Assault
10. The Battle of Kavaripak
11. The Fall of Seringam
12. An Important Mission
13. A Murderous Attempt
14. An Attempt at Murder
15. The Siege of Ambur
16. The Pirates' Hold
17. A Tiger Hunt
18. The Capture of Gheriah
19. The The "Black Hole" of Calcutta
20. A Daring Escape
21. The Rescue of the White Captive
22. The Battle Outside Calcutta
23. Plassey
24. Plassey
25. Mounted Infantry
26. Besieged in A Pagoda
27. The Siege Of Madras
28. Masulipatam
29. The Defeat Of Lally
30. The Siege Of Pondicherry
31. Home

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With Clive in India gives a vivid picture of the wonderful events of the ten years, which at their commencement saw Madras in the hands of the French--Calcutta at the mercy of the Nabob of Bengal--and English influence apparently at the point of extinction in India--and which ended in the final triumph of the English, both in Bengal and Madras. There were yet great battles to be fought, great efforts to be made, before the vast Empire of India fell altogether into British hands; but these were but the sequel of the events described.