The Witch of Salem cover

The Witch of Salem

John R. Musick (1849-1901)

1. Chapter 00 -Preface
2. Chapter 01 -The Man With The Book
3. Chapter 02 -Pennsylvania
4. Chapter 03 -The Indented Slave
5. Chapter 04 -Mr. Parris and Flock
6. Chapter 05 -A Night with Witches
7. Chapter 06 -The Charter Oak
8. Chapter 07 -Two Men who Look Alike
9. Chapter 08 -Moving Onward
10. Chapter 09 -Charles and Cora
11. Chapter 10 -Charles and Mr. Parris
12. Chapter 11 -Adelpha Leisler
13. Chapter 12 -Leisler's Fate
14. Chapter 13 -Credulity Run Mad
15. Chapter 14 -The Fate of Goody Nurse
16. Chapter 15 -&#34Your Mother a Witch!&#34
17. Chapter 16 -Escape and Flight
18. Chapter 17 -Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
19. Chapter 18 -Superstition Reigns
20. Chapter 19 -The Woman in Black
21. Chapter 20 -Conclusion

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A Historical Novel about the Salem Witch Trials. A fantastic illustrated historical novel by the prolific American author John R. Musick From the author’s preface: The "Witch of Salem" is designed to cover twenty years in the history of the United States, or from the year 1680 to 1700, including all the principal features of this period. Charles Stevens of Salem, with Cora Waters, the daughter of an indented slave, whose father was captured at the time of the overthrow of the Duke of Monmouth, are the principal characters. Samuel Parris, the chief actor in the Salem tragedy, is a serious study, and has been painted, after a careful research, according to the conception formed of him. No greater villain ever lived in any age. He had scarce a redeeming feature. His religion was hypocrisy, superstition, revenge and bigotry. His ambition led him to deeds of atrocity unsurpassed. Having drawn the information on which this story is founded from what seem the most reliable sources, and woven the story in a way which it is hoped will be pleasing and instructive, we send this volume forth to speak for itself.