Wild Animals I Have Known cover

Wild Animals I Have Known

Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)

1. Author's Note
2. LOBO, The King of Currumpaw
3. SILVERSPOT, The Story of a Crow
4. RAGGYLUG, The Story of a Cottontail Rabbit
5. BINGO, The Story of My Dog
8. WULLY, The Story of a Yeller Dog
9. REDRUFF, The Story of the Don Valley Partridge

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Wild Animals I Have Known is an 1898 book by naturalist and author Ernest Thompson Seton. The first entry in a new genre of realistic wild-animal fiction, Seton's first collection of short stories quickly became one of the most popular books of its day. "Lobo the King of Currumpaw", the first story in the collection, was based upon Seton's experience hunting wolves in the southwestern United States. It became a classic, setting the tone for his future works that would similarly depict animals—especially predators who were often demonized in literature—as compassionate, individualistic beings.