When a Man Marries cover

When a Man Marries

Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958)

1. At Least I Meant Well
2. The Way It Began
3. I Might Have Known It
4. The Door Was Closed
5. From The Tree Of Love
6. A Mighty Poor Joke
7. We Make An Omelet
8. Correspondents' Department
9. Flannigan's Find
10. On The Stairs
11. I Make A Discovery
12. The Roof Garden
13. He Does Not Deny It
14. Almost, But Not Quite
15. Suspicion And Discord
16. I Face Flannigan
17. A Clash And A Kiss
18. It's All My Fault
19. The Harbison Man
20. Breaking Out In A New Place
21. A Bar Of Soap
22. It Was A Delirium
23. Coming

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A divorced playboy hosts a dinner party complete with a stand in wife to placate his aunt who financially supports him. When his chef is hospitalized with smallpox symptoms, the fun begins. Throw in an ex-wife, a mystery, and a little romance and you have a comedy of side splitting proportions. -