When God Laughs, and Other Stories cover

When God Laughs, and Other Stories

Jack London (1876-1916)

1. When God Laughs
2. The Apostate
3. A Wicked Woman
4. Just Meat
5. Created He Them
6. The Chinago
7. Make Westing
8. Semper Idem
9. A Nose for the King
10. The 'Francis Spaight'
11. A Curious Fragment
12. A Piece of Steak

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This collection of Jack London's short stories touches on a variety of topics, from his love of boxing, to relationships between criminals, to the trials of life and travel on many frontiers, to an allegory about a king who desired a nose. London is considered a master of the short story, a form much more to his liking and personality than his novels. He was active and quick of mind and the short story suited him well.