What Sami Sings With The Birds cover

What Sami Sings With The Birds

Johanna Spyri (1827-1901)

1. 01 - Old Mary Ann
2. 02 - At The Grandmother's
3. 03 - Another Life
4. 04 - Hard Times
5. 05 - The Birds Are Still Singing
6. 06 - Sami Sings Too

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Old Mary Ann has done her best to bring up her son on her own. Like other relatives, her son has a longing to travel off over the mountains. Mary Ann goes with him. Later on her son marries, but loses his wife after she gives birth to their son. Mary Ann assumes responsibility of her grandson, while her son moves away in the agony of his grief. This is the story of what happens to her grandson and where his Grandmother, the songs of the birds, and his faith leads him.